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Unfortunately, we do not take insurance.

Yes! It is beneficial to have a parent also on a program but it is not mandatory.

Healing is like peeling an onion. There are many layers. Some people have immediate results and others take a little longer. Most of us have taken years to accumulate our symptoms so it makes sense that it may take time to get rid of them.

The beauty of the nutrition response testing technique is it is non-invasive. We don’t even HAVE to touch the patient to gain the insights. There are many ways we test-one is using the arm as a lever, which doesn’t hurt. Another way is quantum testing, without touching the patient at all. Both ways are accurate and effective.

Most people need supplements.

Yes. We use whole food supplements as the genuine replacement parts the body needs to heal itself. Most digestive systems are not functioning well enough to optimally use the food we eat. Organic, whole food supplements are very important to kick the body into healing mode. Sometimes we use herbs and homeopathy as well. We help you change your diet and achieve optimal health!