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Every day, people are told their symptoms are "normal" due to stress, age, genetics, and daily life circumstances. At The Living Tree our mission is to identify the root cause of your issue and provide you and your loved ones with natural solutions to support & balance the body.

Quantum Nutrition Testing

A gentle, non- invasive modality that uses applied kinesiology to identify imbalances within the body such as hormones, heavy metals, parasites, food sensitivities & more.

Emotion Code

Emotion Code is a simple energetic modality which releases an individual's trapped emotions in order to balance and align one's body to receive overall health and happiness.

Detox Foot Bath

Come relax and use our ionic foot bath which is specifically designed to detox the organs and gently pull those unwanted toxins out of the body through your feet.

About Us

Hi!  We’re Robyn & Julie! We are two mommas on a mission to empower mothers, just like you, to take control of your health and the health of your kids and fur babies.   Living a healthy and natural lifestyle can be challenging today with all the hidden toxins and ingredients in our foods, homes and every day products.  Our goal is to provide you with simple solutions to set you and your family on a path of health, happiness, and vitality.

Hello Momma!

We see you and hear your concerns. While we all walk along different paths and have our own unique journeys, we all have one thing in common...We want the best for our loved ones.

Do you find yourself saying "yes" to any of these questions?

  • Are you or your loved one experiencing symptoms that are stopping you from going about your daily routine?
  • Do you feel like your healthcare practitioner just doesn’t “hear” or understand your concerns?
  • Have you been to a healthcare practitioner that hasn’t found the cause to your health concerns?
  • Do you find yourself frustrated because everything you’ve done in the past hasn’t gotten you the results you want?
  • Are you tired of wasting dollars and energy on recommendations that just don’t seem to work?
  • Do you have to wait months to see your practitioner?

You've found the right place!

Our mission is to support your body by addressing the cause of your health concern to uplevel the health of you and your loved one all while all while kicking those unwanted symptoms to the curb!

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We offer a wide variety of services including Quantum Nutrition Testing, Emotion Code, and our ever so popular Detox Foot Bath.

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We pride ourselves in offering some of the best supplements and essential oils on the market to support the body naturally.

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A community of like-minded mommas is extremely powerful. Join our amazing tribe at one of our local or online events.

3 Steps to get started

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Schedule an appointment

Simply give us a call or send an email to let us know your preferred days & times. We will promptly get you in

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Complete New Client Forms

Please complete the new client forms for Quantum Nutrition or Emotion Code appointments only. These forms are available on the booking page.

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Submit Finished Form

Once your new client paperwork has been completed, please click the green button for email instructions.

Want to Learn More?

Listen to...

Helping Mommas Thrive

A podcast for mommas looking to take care of their health and the health of their loved ones

Helping Mommas Thrive Podcast

We’re two mommas on a mission to empower you and your family so you can be in charge of your health.  We’ll teach you how to know you’re giving to your kids and pets and why it is so important these days to be their advocate.

Helping Mommas Thrive Podcast Cover

Rave Reviews

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Thank you Robyn for the Emotional code therapy. It really helped me explore & heal deeply rooted emotional wounds by addressing the underlying emotions and beliefs associated with them.

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Julie and Robyn are not only full of personality that makes learning fun but their encouraging podcast empowers me to make a difference in my own life and that of my family. I'm excited to start implementing more natural solutions and push to find out the real root problem to issues, instead of a quick fix. The body is amazing as is nature...just need to listen to them both more. Thanks ladies for sharing your knowledge and passion.

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I would highly recommend discussing with Julie about changes you can make for a healthier you. Julie can help you learn how to get rid of these chemicals to get you to be healthier and more productive.

Are you sick and tired of feeling stuck?

You don’t have to be stuck with those unwanted and often uncomfortable symptoms.  Think of it this way,  symptoms are your body’s way of telling you something is “off” and it is needing support.  For example, a car’s engine light might come on because the oil needs to be changed, a tire might need to be aired up or a battery possibly needs to be replaced.  Your body’s check engine lights are your symptoms and they are asking you to take action. We are often led to make choices that cover up our symptoms but what we really need to do is look at the root cause.

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