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Emotion Code

Ever felt like you’re stuck in an emotional vortex? Do you feel like you’re doing “all the right things” yet you’re physically and emotionally being pulled down? Have you experienced a traumatic situation or lost a loved one? 

According to energy expert Panache Desai, “Emotions are energy in motion.” This means emotions are meant to move through the body as we process them and eventually exit our system.  In reality, for most of us, our emotions get stuck and trapped in our organs, tissues and joints. This is why one begins to feel aches, pains and additional symptoms. 

Based on Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book and curriculum, Emotion Code is based on the principle that emotions have their own vibrations and if the lower frequency emotions are left unaddressed, then health issues arise.  The beauty of this simple energy healing method is we are able to release those stuck emotions  that are trapped in your body so that your body can heal faster and more efficiently.  Additionally, those high intense feelings of stress, fear, sadness, and grief will also begin to balance out so you can experience more joy and create wellness in your body. 

Emotion code is effectively done both in person and virtually. 

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Body Code™

As humans, we are all energetic beings processing emotions and experiences daily.  These emotions or energies, whether positive or negative, impact us on a conscious, subconscious and even cellular level.  As a result, our feelings and past traumas get stored within our bodies from our liver, tissues, joints, kidneys, digestive system and even our heart. These energies have a significant impact on our overall health and emotional well-being.

Body Code™ takes Emotion Code to the next level. It is a patented technique and energy-balancing system that uncovers the body’s root cause of inflammation, pain, illness and emotions in both the body and spirit. It unlocks your own body’s ability to heal itself naturally by enabling it to clear stuck or trapped energy from the body. When energetic blocks are removed, the body is able to communicate more clearly on a physical and cellular level. This process uses a remote form of muscle testing, enabling us to identify emotions and energetic frequencies needing to be cleared or reset. Once detected, we conduct this remote energy healing technique by using a magnet to neutralize and eliminate the energetic “pull” of the negative emotion or energy so it can be released.

“The key is unlocking trapped energies so the body can heal itself naturally.”

In each session, we start by connecting to the subconscious mind and then use muscle testing to ask yes/no questions to get to the root of the imbalances within the physical and emotional body. The best part is that we do not need to relive or discuss our past emotional experiences or traumas trapped in our bodies. In fact, we do not need to be in the same physical space either. This can all be done, in-person, remotely or even over a Zoom call (if requested.)

6 Principles of Body Code™

Emotional Well-being

Restore balanced emotions when you relieve the body of trapped emotions and past traumas.

System Balance

Bring back balance to the physical body by addressing issues in body systems, organs, glands and muscles.

Toxin Alleviation

Locate where toxins are being stored within the body & eliminate chemicals, additives, free radicals & radiation to bring back balance.

Pathogen Elimination

Rid the body pathogens like mold, parasites, bacteria and viruses that are throwing the body off balance.

Structural Restoration

Bring back your body’s ability to function optimally by supporting nerves, tissues, joints and bones.

Diet & Lifestyle

Nourish the body and soul with the proper nutrition, supplementation, rest and lifestyle choices

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AO Bio-Frequency Scanner

The AO Scanner is a true game changer in holistic health. Every part of our bodies, including every bone, muscle, organ and system, has an energetic frequency. The AO scanner uses bio-resonance frequencies to detect frequency imbalances within our bodies. It can also send gentle, therapeutic frequencies to anyone around the world that will restore balance and optimal function.

This technology is similar to radios and cellular devices that transmit frequencies from one place to another. The AO scanner can scan and pick up on the frequency of one’s hormone levels, organ function, digestion function, toxin levels and so much more.

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Quantum Nutrition Testing

Based upon applied kinesiology, Quantum Nutrition Testing is a form of muscle testing. It is a non-invasive holistic approach to identify the root cause of our symptoms and what is needed for our bodies to restore and repair.

1) First, we scan the entire body from head to toe.

2) We identify what organs and gland are out of balance.

3) We recommend supplements, food, homeopathics and essential oils to provide balance back to the body.

Using this form of muscle testing, we determine the exact right dosage your body needs in order to gain maximum impact and to see those positive results you and your loved ones deserve to feel.

We aim to support the body so it can…

  • Improve digestion
  • Balance Hormones Levels
  • Increase focus & attention
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Lower stress
  • Eliminate headaches
  • Produce healthy skin
  • Create happy & healthy joints
  • Promote deep & restorative sleep
  • Rid the body of toxins
  • & MORE!

Goodbye symptoms, hello energy and vitality! 

Whether in-person or virtually, we are here for you and are so excited to play a pivotal role along your health journey! Cheers to feeling your best!

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What is it exactly?


Your body communicates to us effectively through its own natural reflexes. When we test different areas of the body, your nervous system will respond so we can determine the root cause of your symptoms.


Nutrition Testing is extremely safe and completely painless. Your results will determine which whole food supplementation, homeopathics & essential oils your body needs and wants in order to restore & repair.


This technique is truly non-invasive. We do not need to poke, prod or take any bloodwork. We simply apply a light pressure on your arm and acupuncture points to read your muscle response.


The body’s own muscle response does not lie when we are testing to identify stressors on the body. Thus, we are able to determine what is stressing the body and which nutrients will support normal function.


Every nutrition program is completely unique to you and your body. We use your body’s muscle response to determine which supplements & the exact right dosage that is most effective for YOU!


We’ll be sure to guide you as you implement your new personal program and support you in making simple lifestyle changes. We want to be sure to maximize your impact so you see results faster than you believed was possible.

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Detox Foot Bath

Our bodies have been inundated with tens of thousands of toxins and chemicals coming from our water, air, and even the foods we eat. On top of that, we are continuously being exposed to electromagnetic frequencies from 5G towers, our cell phones, WiFi, and even our microwaves. Many of these have a large impact on our overall health and energy levels. When our body is overloaded with toxins it can’t naturally eliminate, those toxins get stored in our body. Ever felt stiff, tired or sluggish? 

If you answered yes, then a detox foot bath may be just what you need.

Our feet have the largest pores on our body making it an ideal pathway to eliminate toxins from our systems. Based on the results of your foot bath, we are able to identify the types of toxins that were eliminated and which organs they came from. 

detox foot bath infographic
detox foot bath infographic

While foot detoxes do not rid the body of all toxins, it’s a great way to start getting relief. People often report that the foot bath gives them more energy, alertness and they even sleep better at night. 


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